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The Master of Science (MSc) in Computer Science is a broad-based program that covers concepts from engineering, science and business. Graduates of this program will not only have strong technical expertise in their particular field, but will also have the ability to work effectively in interdisciplinary teams and be able to tackle problems that require both technical and non-technical solutions. 

The MSc program differs from most existing computer science programs as it concentrates on both applied research and the development of professional skills. The intention is that most of the graduates from this program will build careers in industrial research and software development. The program focuses on the skills required for successful careers in industry, reflecting the university's goals to be market-oriented and to provide high-quality professional education.

The MSc program provides students with the opportunity to work in teams and develop leadership skills. Students also have many opportunities to develop their written and oral communication skills. MSc students are strongly encouraged to present their research results at scientific conferences.

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  • Digital Media

    Use of computer technology in the implementation of various forms of media including audio, graphics, computer animation, visual analytics, computer games and computer vision.

  • Information Science
    Distribution and management of information including database systems, machine learning, services computing, intelligent systems and health informatics.
  • Networks and IT Security
    Design, implementation and management of computer networks, as well as security issues such as cryptography, malware analysis and secure communications.
  • Software Design
    Process of designing and implementing software systems, including software engineering, distributed computing, programming languages and software architecture.