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Career Relevant Learning

Computing is part of everything we do. It plays a major role in:

  • Building self-driving cars
  • Creating new tools for sharing our lives with those around us
  • Designing planes that cross oceans in a single bound
  • Developing immersive computer games
  • Discovering new medicines
  • Growing better food
  • Inventing robots that can go places no human can survive
  • Producing the latest Hollywood spectacle

A bachelor's degree in Computer Science from the Ontario Tech University will equip you with the know-how, tools and experience to use computers – from tiny personal devices, such as smart watches, to large computing systems comprising tens of thousands of machines – to find innovative solutions to world’s problems.

Computer Science opens the door to a variety of lucrative careers. Computers are here to stay and our reliance upon computing will only increase. Armed with a degree in Computer Science, you will be well-placed to take advantage of this trend. Typical career trajectories for Computer Science students include:

  • Software powerhouses, such as Google, Apple and Facebook
  • Financial institutions, such as banks and hedge funds
  • Medical research
  • Engineering, automotive and mining companies
  • Robotics and aeronautical companies
  • Graduate school