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About the Faculty of Science

north campus

Our innovative Science program adheres to our interdisciplinary philosophy and emphasizes the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the evolving 21st-century workplace. Over the course of your career, your knowledge requirements will continuously evolve. With scientific foundations—the analytical and problem-solving skills that form the bedrock of science and our programs—you will have the tools you need to adapt to future developments in the field of any scientific path you choose to pursue.

The Faculty of Science emphasizes the development of leadership and communication skills. Writing grant proposals, competing for additional funding whether in academia or industry, managing a research lab or running a research and development department are all important aspects of a successful and fulfilling scientific career. You will participate in team projects, frequently focused on controversial and complex issues, and learn to communicate clearly and concisely in written, graphical and oral formats for a variety of audiences.

We maintain strong links with other faculties of the university, in particular with the faculties of Education, Engineering and Applied Science, and Health Sciences, providing you with further educational opportunities and research collaboration.