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Forensic Laboratory

The Forensic Science teaching laboratory is located in the Business and Information Technology building. This new 100–square-metre lab is equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation and features 24 units of individual working space located on three double lab bench islands.  

In the Forensic Lab, you will routinely develop strong practical experience with:

  • Microscopy techniques (digital, compound, stereo, comparison and polar microscopes).
  • Forensic biology instrumentation (real-time PCR, automated genetic analyzer, thermal cycler).
  • Forensic chemistry instrumentation (analytical balances, DFO chamber, cyanoacrylate fuming chamber, Glass Refractive Index Measurement (GRIM) system).
  • Miscellaneous forensic equipment (electrostatic detection apparatus, video spectral comparators, forensic light sources, digital photography equipment, faunal and human osteological specimens).