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The courses in the Computer Science program are listed below. Except for the two required courses (CSCI 5010G and CSCI 5020G), only a selection of courses from this list will be offered every year.

General courses

  • CSCI 5010G: Survey of Computer Science Research Topics and Methods
  • CSCI 5020G: Collaborative Design and Research
  • CSCI 5030G: Automata and Applications

Software design courses

  • CSCI 5100G: Development of Concurrent Software
  • CSCI 5110G: Network Computing
  • CSCI 5120G: Principles of Distributed Computing
  • CSCI 5130G: Programming Language Implementation
  • CSCI 5140G: Ecology of Online Learning
  • CSCI 5150G: Evolution or Revolution: Informatics Design Principles
  • CSCI 5160G: Topics in Software Design
  • CSCI 6100G: Advanced Topics in Software Design
  • CSCI 6110G: Software Modelling Techniques and Languages for Industry Applications
  • CSCI 6120G: Empirical Software Engineering

Networks and IT security courses

  • CSCI 5300G: Computer Communication Networks
  • CSCI 5310G: Cryptography and Secure Communications
  • CSCI 5330G: Network Optimization
  • CSCI 5340G: Performance Evaluation of Computer Networks
  • CSCI 5350G: Pervasive and Mobile Computing
  • CSCI 5360G: Topics in Networks
  • CSCI 5370G: Topics in IT Security
  • CSCI 6310G: Advanced Topics in Networks
  • CSCI 6320G: Advanced Topics in IT Security
  • CSCI 6330G: Network Modelling and Simulation

Digital media courses

  • CSCI 5500G: Auditory Perception and Virtual Audio
  • CSCI 5510G: Computer Graphics
  • CSCI 5520G: Computer Vision and Games
  • CSCI 5530G: Serious Game Development
  • CSCI 5540G: User Interface Technology
  • CSCI 5550G: Topics in Digital Media
  • CSCI 6520G: Advanced Topics in Digital Media

Information science courses

  • CSCI 5700G: Introduction to Services Computing
  • CSCI 5710G: Services Computing Security
  • CSCI 5720G: Topics in Health Informatics
  • CSCI 5730G: Topics in Information Science
  • CSCI 5740G: Intelligent Systems
  • CSCI 6700G: Advanced Information Management
  • CSCI 6710G: Advanced Topics in Health Informatics
  • CSCI 6720G: Advanced Topics in Information Science

Other courses

  • ENGR 5775G: Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining
  • ENGR 5910G: Embedded Real-Time Control Systems
  • ENGR 5940G: Intelligent Control Systems
  • HLSC 5050G: Patient Journey Modelling
  • HLSC 5203G: Adoption, Use and Impact of Health Informatics Systems
  • HLSC 5290G: Advanced Topics in Patient Journey Modelling
  • MCSC 6020G: Numerical Analysis
  • MCSC 6030G: High-Performance Computing
  • MCSC 6230G: Advanced Topics in High-Performance Computing
  • MITS 5110G: Legal Issues, Ethics and Incident Handling in IT Security