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“The Science Café is about making social connections. It is an informal, relaxed setting on campus where students can connect with peers to form study groups, and just as important, it is an opportunity for students to connect with the graduate students who supervise the café. From effective study tips and time management skills to coping with undergraduate life to exploring different career paths, the Science Café offers more than academic help with course content. It truly enriches the experience of students who attend.”
Annette Tavares, Associate Teaching Professor and Assistant Dean - Undergraduate

Current students

“My experience with Science Café as a volunteer has been terrific. It is a relaxed atmosphere, so I can go to find a good study space. All the brain power in that room keeps me going but at the same time, if I want a break, there’s always someone to have a good chat with. And that’s my favourite part about Science Café: that there is a relaxed, informal study space that I can go for help but where I can also provide help to anyone that might need it.”
Hafsa Zia, Biological Science, class of 2020

“Entering university, I was informed about all the different programs the university has that I could attend to get help with course work. Science Café is something I use, as it is super helpful. The TAs are eager and willing to help with whatever you need help with. I mainly go for help with Biology and Chemistry labs and it’s amazing. They are so friendly and know everything about the course as they are upper-year master's/PhD students and are willing to guide you in the right direction if you are stuck with something. Also, they always have coffee and cookies, which is nice, as my friends and I love the cookies so much! It’s a great place to go with your friends and work on labs, learn helpful ways to manage your studying, and it’s even a good place to just get some work done. If you need help, there are teaching assistants everywhere, which makes things so easy and accessible.”
Reeta Ibrahim, Biological Science, class of 2022


“I thought the Science Café was a great way for students to interact with one another in a comfortable, collaborative environment. The upper-year students were extremely helpful in assisting younger students with any of their work, whether it was labs or just course material. I would recommend this program to all Science students looking to either get to know other Science students or get help with their studies.”
Courtney Francis, class of 2018

“The Science Café is such an amazing place for students to get the help they need. Last year, I attended to go over course material with the teaching assistants, and they were always so helpful.”
Kenneth Clarke, class of 2018

“I attended the Science Café to find a communal space to study, meet peers, and bounce ideas off other students. Coming to the Science Café, you could see the university's Science community growing in front of your eyes. I got to watch younger science students get their questions answered, listen to upper-year science students ‘talk shop’ and have a place to talk to my fellow classmates about assignments and course work. It was more than a tutoring session and better than a study room. It was a room full of Science students working and interacting together,which simultaneously created a relaxed environment where any and all Science students could be their ‘nerdy’ selves.”
Emma Blackwood, class of 2017

“Science Café is the perfect atmosphere to get the most out of your studies. I was able to collaborate with my peers and get a lot of work done. It was very inspiring to be in a room full of developing scientists.”
Cameron Isaacs-Trépanier, class of 2017