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Human Health Biology

Human Health Biology focuses on:

  • Studying molecular mechanisms and treatment of infectious diseases.
  • Understanding molecular mechanisms and therapeutic strategies in cancer.
  • Examining the impact of diet and gut microbes on the immune system.
  • Studying and treating musculoskeletal disorders.

Human Health Biology refers to the biological basis of health and disease. This field focuses on the study of basic biological processes as they relate to specific human conditions, processes that potentially may lead to the design of new preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic approaches.


  • Caroline Barakat-Haddad, PhD, Faculty of Health Science (FHS)
  • Yuri Bolshan, PhD, Faculty of Science (FSci)
  • Jean-Paul Desaulniers, PhD, FSci
  • Shilpa Dogra, PhD, FHS
  • Sean Forrester, PhD, FSci
  • Douglas Holdway, PhD, FSci
  • Holly Jones-Taggart, PhD, FHS
  • Bernadette Murphy, PhD, FHS
  • Heather Sprenger, PhD, FHS
  • Janice Strap, PhD, FSci
  • Paul Yielder, PhD, FHS