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October 28, 2009

Speaker: Dr. Normand Mousseau, CRC in Computational Physics of Complex Materials, Departement de Physique, Universite de Montreal 

Title: Understanding the energy crisis and its impact on Canada 

Abstract: Even in the middle of one of the worst recessions of the last 100 years, oil prices remain at three times their historical prices. This situation should raise alarms for both governments and citizens as it suggests that the era of cheap and plentiful energy is behind us. Unless we prepare for the shock of oil prices shooting through the roof again, as the world economy recovers, we risk being plunged back in a deeper crises from which it will be more difficult to extract ourselves. In this talk, I will review the worldwide energy situation, its impact on Canada and Ontario and indicate some possible directions that could be taken to avoid the worst.

Discipline: Mathematics