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January 21, 2011

Speaker: Tian Chen, MSc student, Faculty of Science, Ontario Tech University

Title: Mathematical Modelling of Plunger Pump Operation with High Resolution Simulation for the Valve Regions

Abstract: Pumps are widely used throughout society, e.g. irrigation, gasoline supply etc. In particular, we will be investigating the plunger pumps for industrial wastewater treatment facilities. This modelling problem was first brought by America's leading pump manufacturer Wastecorp to MITACS in late 2009. Wastecorp's plunger pump was found to introduce periodic clicking noise at high resistance. A mathematical model is needed for investigating the operation of plunger pump in detail and seeking the possible causes of undesirable noise. We will go through the modelling process from 1-dim flow model design to high resolution numerical approaches for critical regions such as the valves. Some simulation results and possible methods for model refinement will also be discussed.