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September 21, 2012

Speaker: Bobby Pourziaei, Department of Math and Stats, York University

Title: Single Parameter Spatiotemporal Model For Depth Perception Of Weakly Electric Fish

Abstract: Depth perception in weakly electric fish was thought impossible until the work of Emde et al. 1998. Depth perception mechanisms suggested thus far are based on multi-parameter measurements and take into account only the spatial profile of the electric image, disregarding its temporal characteristic. The EOD of weakly electric fish are amongst the most stable known biological oscillators.  In this talk we develop a model for depth perception, based on both the spatial and temporal characteristics of the electric image. Our model is based on measurements of a single parameter, namely the width of the electric image. In contrast to previously suggested algorithms, our algorithm would only require a single narrow tuned topological map to accurately estimate distance. We use this model to study the effects of electromagnetic noise and the presence of stochastic resonance.