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February 24, 2010

Speaker: Mr. Joshua Gross, MSc student, Computer Science, Ryerson University

Title: Reasoning About Motion in Two Dimensions 

Abstract: There are many steps to reasoning about motion but in my work I am focusing on two main areas. First, is how to represent the knowledge in the domain.  Second, is to reason about motion in the domain. Using the language of situational calculus it is possible to qualitatively describe relationships between bodies in two dimensions. As well as with some domain specific knowledge this can be used to reason about relationships between bodies and motion of bodies in the domain. Specifically, when we talk about reason, we are talking about recognizing and responding to known patterns in our domain. This way we can respond as a user to changes in our domain.

This research is different from past work in a few areas. First, our point of view is from an observer that is interacting within the domain. Second is the use of depth profiles and the situation calculus to describe relations ships between bodies. Finally is a real time system that can recognize the behaviour of objects in the domain while also interacting with the domain. 

Biography: Joshua Gross is a second year computer science masters student at Ryerson University. He also attended Ryerson University for his undergraduate degree in computer science. His research has mostly been in the situation calculus and artificial intelligence.