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December 3, 2014

Speaker: David Kelk, Ontario Tech University

Title: CORE: A Framework for the Automatic Repair of Concurrency Bugs

Abstract: In this thesis, we develop the CORE (COncurrent REpair) framework. It automatically fixes deadlocks and data races in parallel Java programs.  It uses a search-based software engineering approach to mutate and evolve the source code. In these mutants, synchronization blocks are added, removed, expanded, shrunk or the synchronization variable is changed. Each potential fix is model checked or run through a thread noising tool that forces different thread interleavings to be explored. Efficiently fixing data races and deadlocks in parallel Java programs is realized by combining two techniques. First, different forms of static and dynamic analyses are brought together to constrain the search space. Second, a genetic algorithm without crossover was implemented that uses both noising and model checking to determine fitness. These techniques are unified in the CORE framework.