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March 5, 2014

Speaker: Richard Brath

Title: Design space of typeface: Using type attributes in data visualization

Abstract: Type attributes such as bold, italics, underline and small caps are not available in other types of point encodings such as symbols or glyphs, and can be used in data visualization to encode data in text and labels. Type specifically provides:

  • literal encoding
  • natural order
  • a variety of categorical and quantitative encodings

Unique contribution at this stage includes identification of the design space and samples of potential encodings.   

Biography: Richard Brath has actively been involved in the research, design and development of data visualization and visual analytics since 1990. Particular research areas of interest include exploring the boundaries of the design space of visualization and visualization aesthetics. Richard is actively pursuing a PhD in Computer Science, following a Master of Computer Science from the University of Toronto and a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Waterloo.