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July 30, 2015

Speaker: Kimberly Tee, Microsoft

Title: Choose your own adventure: How to make your HCI degree relevant in a changing industry

Abstract: Over the past few decades, user experience (UX) research has come a long way from its roots in user acceptance testing and usability engineering. In this talk, I will describe what it's like to be a UX Researcher in the Windows and Devices Group at Microsoft, working in large teams of Designers, Program Managers, Engineers, Data Scientists, Marketers and others to build products and features that support the needs, goals and habits of millions of people using Windows on their PCs, tablets or phones. I will discuss current challenges and upcoming trends in UX research from my experience in a changing industry, and I will also describe my experience of going from a human-computer interaction (HCI) research lab at a university to UX research in industry, with some observations about career opportunities for HCI graduates.