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Co-op education program

A five-year Co-operative Education option is available in undergraduate programs with the Faculty of Science which satisfies the Canadian Association for Co-operative Education guidelines. These programs combine an Honours Bachelor of Science program with embedded work terms. The co-op option provides students with opportunities to apply classroom and lab concepts to real-world situations and gain valuable, relevant work experience. Co-op opportunities promote networking and lifelong career success as the experience helps clarify career objectives.

  • Science programs with Co-op
    • Applied and Industrial Math
    • Biological Sciences
      • Environmental Toxicology
      • Environmental Biology
      • Life Sciences
      • Applied Biotechnology
      • Marine Biology
    • Chemistry
      • Chemical Biology
      • Pharmaceutical Chemistry
    • Computer Science
      • Data Science
      • Digital Media
    •  Integrative Neuroscience
    •  Integrated Computer Science and Mathematics
    •  Physics
      • Astrophysics
      • Nanotechnology and Clean Energy 

Students are able to be on co-op placement for four, eight, 12, or 16 consecutive months.

If you require more information about our co-op program, please contact Science Co-op at 905.721.8668 ext. 5363